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Is anyone ordering the new boxed set of Freddie's singles on colored vinyl?

I have all these songs already; I think they've been released on at least two previous sets: the big Freddie box and the 2 disk slipcased set excerpted from it. But those weren't on colored vinyl, I suppose. I haven't owned vinyl in decades. I guess this is for the Freddie-loving vinyl heads who want to play 45s. 

Supposedly there are are previously unpublished photos in the booklet but the video looks like it's mostly images from the music videos, so are we calling screencaps "previously unpublished" now or ?  Anyway, I count on tumblr to have them all scanned and posted. 

Technical note: I tried to embed the video but YouTube isn't giving me an embed code and the shortcode won't work on Dreamwidth. Perhaps because I'm on a tablet. 

Anyway, thoughts on the singles box?