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Long article about Freddie this week from Rolling Stone. It's not perfect, and there's a few minor errors here and there, but on the whole it's a good read.

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A follow up on the previous article about the new recordings...

Queen guitarist Brian May stopped by BBC Radio ostensibly to discuss Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell, his new book on 19th century French stereoscopic cards. But after detailing his lifelong love of the cards and their odd visions of hell, May revealed plans for a new Queen album featuring unreleased Freddie Mercury vocals from the Eighties.

Full article @ Rolling Stone

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Facebook had some chatter about some British TV show about Queen and someone posted up some young Freddie screen caps that I hadn't seen. So I had a look on YouTube and there is this:

However, it is 3 am here and I have to go to sleep, so I just hope this is still up tomorrow when I have time to watch it. (I fear the copyright police will pull it.) If you have already seen it, people, do discuss. One great thing about Freddie fandom is that there are not really spoilers LOL. 

ETA: It plays for me here, but it wouldn't play on my YouTube channel on AppleTV due to country restrictions. It's interesting and worth watching, though it made me a little bit melancholy.
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 A very short punk (45 seconds) song about Freddie.

Happy New Year everybody!

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New Brian interview from Rolling Stone, in which he discusses the Freddie movie, and Freddie's work with Michael Jackson, amongst quite a lot of other things.

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 RIP Freddie . . . 22 years since you left . . . we still love you.

Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux

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 Last year, Rhys Thomas, who directed a documentary about Freddie, participated in an "ask me anything" on Reddit. If people haven't already seen this, it's worth the read.
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A Hindu temple complex in Tividale is erecting monuments to other Indian faiths, and they dedicated their Zoroastrian monument to Freddie Mercury. Freddie's sister Kashmira Cooke showed up for the ceremony along with other officials; she spoke a bit about her family's religious practice. Kashmira brought her son Samuel. You all realize that this means that Freddie Mercury's nephew is named Sam Cooke.

The Express & Star has the article and an image slideshow.
Direct link: http://www.expressandstar.com/news/2013/10/01/freddie-mercury-honoured-in-unveiling-of-tividale-statue/32273298/

I am pasting the text below for easy reference.

Freddie Mercury honoured in unveiling of Tividale statue )
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We still love you!

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 Metro News is reporting that the Freddie Mercury biopic will probably not happen now that Sacha Baron Cohen is out. 

Their reportage is based on the BBC tweeting something they claim to have been told by screenwriter Peter Morgan.

This pic has nothing to do with anything but I'm reposting it because what the heck. 

Freddie Mercury in leather

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Sacha Baron Cohen has reportedly stepped down from the film due to disagreements about the direction the script was taking. Hmm.

This report says that Brian and Roger are vetoing anything they feel is too gritty because they want a family-friendly movie. [Rock and roll, fun for the whole family, no, wait.]

I wonder if Brian and Roger are blocking any kind of movie likely to upset Freddie's family, just as they recently intervened with the unfortunate Freddie as gorilla statue. 

Some of the irreverent comments on The A.V. Club report amused me, but many were offensive so read at your own risk.

Personally, I suspect that whatever movie they make will displease me on some level because I would want it to be perfect and nothing is. So this doesn't bother me but I know many more rational people were looking forward to it. Feel free to discuss.

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Norman Sheffield had a book excerpt in the Daily Mail, still complaining that Freddie wasn't fair to him. I guess it is the power of Freddie that this guy is still holding a grudge after all this time. I think the article has an overall homophobic tone, though maybe I am overreacting to what is merely badly written caricature. 

For contemplation, "Death on Two Legs" at Earls Court in 1977:

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painting of Freddie Mercury as Queen Amidala

Artist Chuck Knigge has created a series of artworks depicting Freddie Mercury as various queens. Above is Freddie as Queen Amidala of Star Wars. The art will be featured in several exhibits in Washington state, timed to June Pride celebrations. A percentage of sales will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign. Below is Freddie as Queen Latifah. The exhibit has a Facebook page

painting of Freddie Mercury as Queen Latifah

Source of info and Chuck Knigge's images: Capitol Hill Seattle

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 There is an interview with Sacha Baron Cohen in which he discusses the planned Freddie Mercury film biography. It is from the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Here is the part of the interview where he talks about the movie. There is more where he talks about his career which you can go read at the site.

LOS ANGELES—“I’ve got to hit the high notes. I’m buying those tight underpants,” Sacha Baron Cohen cracked about his coming role. He will play the Queen’s legendary frontman, the late Freddie Mercury, in a film to be directed by Stephen Frears and cowritten by Peter Morgan, both of whom gave us an award-winning film on the other Queen.

“I will be singing,” confirmed Sacha, a little more seriously this time. It was our first time to interview Sacha as himself. In our previous chats, he came fully costumed—as Borat, Bruno (he almost gave us a lap dance) and The Dictator. Each one was a hilarious session. But even talking as himself, Sacha was just as funny.

The Brit’s Borat moustache helped him land the role of the rock god, he joked. “I think that was the main reason that I got chosen,” Sacha said. “They don’t want to spend too much money on prosthetics and [fake] moustaches. That I can grow my own is going to be very significant.”

Sacha does not need to buy tight underpants right away. “We’re in the early days; we’re still working on the script,” he said of the untitled film to be produced by no less than Robert De Niro and Freddie’s former Queen bandmates, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, among others.

But Sacha was clear that the film will not cover Freddie’s entire life. “At the moment, it’s more about the… period of his life leading up to Live Aid and a bit after Live Aid.” Cowriting the screenplay with Morgan are Stephen J. Rivele and Christopher Wilkinson.

Interesting character

“The story of Freddie Mercury is fascinating,” the actor said. “He was a really interesting character. He had these incredibly traditional parents, who he didn’t come out to. He had a wife. He was one of the early celebrities who had to deal with getting AIDS in an era when it was a death sentence. He carried on performing—until the very end.”

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I came across this amazing piece of art on tumblr today. It's by Pablo Stanley (sadly not his tumblr, but at least there's proper credit) and an artistic visualisation of "Don't Stop Me Now". You should all take a look, I'm sure you'll like it.

Don't Stop Me Now by Freddie Mercury and Pablo Stanley
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Although this channel opened a few months ago, I think it's only just started posting videos. It's called "Freddie Mercury Solo", and contains a number of music videos, including the new mix of Barcelona.


Worth a browse.
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We still love you! 


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