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New Brian interview from Rolling Stone, in which he discusses the Freddie movie, and Freddie's work with Michael Jackson, amongst quite a lot of other things.

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Sacha Baron Cohen has reportedly stepped down from the film due to disagreements about the direction the script was taking. Hmm.

This report says that Brian and Roger are vetoing anything they feel is too gritty because they want a family-friendly movie. [Rock and roll, fun for the whole family, no, wait.]

I wonder if Brian and Roger are blocking any kind of movie likely to upset Freddie's family, just as they recently intervened with the unfortunate Freddie as gorilla statue. 

Some of the irreverent comments on The A.V. Club report amused me, but many were offensive so read at your own risk.

Personally, I suspect that whatever movie they make will displease me on some level because I would want it to be perfect and nothing is. So this doesn't bother me but I know many more rational people were looking forward to it. Feel free to discuss.