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After a nice warm summer, and a fair bit of recent rain, Freddie is really starting to show off! When there are several flowers of differing age, there's a lovely mixed colour effect, which is quite striking.

Also, all those flowers make him smell very nice indeed! ;)
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Most fans are probably aware that Freddie loved flowers, and took great delight in his garden. Several years ago, a rose breeder created a special rose in his memory, and I bought one last winter. It's just flowered for the first time, and I thought I'd share some pictures here.

Beneath the cut for neatness )
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Norman Sheffield had a book excerpt in the Daily Mail, still complaining that Freddie wasn't fair to him. I guess it is the power of Freddie that this guy is still holding a grudge after all this time. I think the article has an overall homophobic tone, though maybe I am overreacting to what is merely badly written caricature. 

For contemplation, "Death on Two Legs" at Earls Court in 1977:

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painting of Freddie Mercury as Queen Amidala

Artist Chuck Knigge has created a series of artworks depicting Freddie Mercury as various queens. Above is Freddie as Queen Amidala of Star Wars. The art will be featured in several exhibits in Washington state, timed to June Pride celebrations. A percentage of sales will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign. Below is Freddie as Queen Latifah. The exhibit has a Facebook page

painting of Freddie Mercury as Queen Latifah

Source of info and Chuck Knigge's images: Capitol Hill Seattle


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